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What’s your price is an online dating site where members are guaranteed to get dates. It was launched by Brandon Wade, the founder of seeking arrangement in 2010. It is a large dating platform with over 500,000 active members weekly. It is basically an auction for dates. The bidding member has to pay the agreed price during the date.

WhatsYourPrice – How to sign up

To register, you have to first indicate your sex. From here, you are asked if you want to bid for dates or get paid to go on dates. Once you make your selection, you can then browse the website and fill in the required information that makes up your profile. Information required includes your location, ethnicity, body type, education, income, about me section and many more.

WhatsYourPrice – Chatting

You can only send messages after completing your profile details and attached a valid profile photo. Once you have done that, you can either place a bid or accept one. $5 is the minimum bid accepted. If you are willing to get paid on dates, you can accept a bid or counter it if you want something better. However, if you are willing to pay on dates, usually as a guy, you place a bid and its either accepted or countered, usually by a lady in the chatting room. The lady might state her preferred price and if you find her interesting enough, you proceed to set up a meeting or a date.

WhatsYourPrice – Setting your profile

When filling out your profile, you have to describe yourself in more than 20 characters. You also have to provide a profile photo and fill in the required information. You can always make changes to your profile as time goes on. Adding a profile photo is free. Winks can be sent for free too.

On WhatsYourPrice, members are mostly composed of beautiful women and generous males. The homepage shows you members that are close to your location and active ones.

WhatsYourPrice – Price and charges

WhatsYourPrice charges you for bids and messaging. It’s like playing a game. You buy credits and you use the credits to make a bid and send messages. Once your credit runs out, you have to buy more to continue. The credits range from 100 credits to 1000 credits. For 100 credits, you pay 0.50 USD per credit, for 450 credits, you pay 0.33 USD per credit and 1000 credit goes for 0.25 USD per credit.

Basically, your credits help you unlock the messaging options and to make bids. You have two payment options: PayPal or credit card. Payment is safe and secure and there are no refunds.

WhatsYourPrice is just an amazing platform for men willing to spend and woman willing to be paid to go on dates. If you want to join as a male, be prepared to spend to message and place bids. You also have to pay your bidding price to your date in addition to other date expenses. Basically, it is all about spending and receiving money. You never know, you might just find something serious.