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What makes an online dating platform attractive? Why do some people’s profile capture attention and others get ignored? What makes a good profile?

WhatsYourPrice is an online platform where people can pay for dates and be paid to go on dates. When filling in your profile, it is important to be as engaging as you can. On WhatsYourPrice, upon registration, you have to select your gender and your purpose. You either choose to place a bid or accept a bid.

You are then required to fill in the following requirements which basically makes up your profile:  ethnicity, religion, income, occupation, children, relationship status, body build, and location. You are also to provide a profile picture. To a large extent, your profile picture can decide if people pay attention to or ignore you. Men and women are moved by different things. Studies have shown that men spend 65% more time looking at photos than women. This might be attributed to the fact that men are visual beings. For women, pictures taken in bikinis or while doing a fun activity or traveling is more likely to elicit interest. They get to see your body build and some part of your daily activities. On the other hand, you don’t want to post pictures that give the wrong impression about you. The way you are dressed will determine how the men chatting you up will address you. This will also determine how much they are willing to pay.

For men, women are more attracted to pictures of men wearing suit and tie. To them, it shows the man is responsible and has a job. They are more willing to trust him than a profile that has a picture of a bare-chested man.

In the ‘about me section’, women pay more attention. They want to know what you are like. Pictures aren’t enough for them. They want to know if you are fun and if they will find common interests with you. It is best to avoid cheesy pickup lines. Be honest about yourself and what you want. State your preferences in clear and well-constructed sentences. A woman can tell if you are confident and honest by the words you drop.

For women, you should not bore men with stories in your ‘about me section’. Men are impulsive beings and as such do not have time to read your life story. State in 2 paragraphs your preferences, interests, and type. In just a few sentences, a man can easily tell if you are witty and interesting or boring. There are certain keywords that capture attention. Some of them are: vivacious, sophisticated, graduate degree, down to earth, adventurous, sexy, fun and smart. Including these keywords in your profile helps people know you aren’t only a beautiful face but also have an amazing and fun personality.

Once you have successfully completed your profile and added nice profile photos, you can then browse members close to your location and place or accept bids.