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What’s Your Price Average Price

WhatsYourPrice – Online Dating

WhatsYourPrice is an online dating site that allows you to meet people around your area and go out on dates with them. WhatsYourPrice allows you to bid or place money for dates. There are two types of members, the generous members which are usually the men that bid while the women are usually the beautiful members who receive and get paid to go on dates. That does not mean that women cannot be generous members but, it is his often men that are the generous ones. Since men are usually the ones to pay on WhatsYourPrice, they buy credits ranging from $50 to $250 for 100 credits to 1000 credits. These credits allow you to send messages to other members and also gives you the opportunity to bid for a date.

WhatsYourPrice – Generous Bidder

If you want to be a bidder, that is a generous member, you have to be able to place a reasonable amount of money for a beautiful member. For example, bidding for a $50 dollar date not just get you women or ladies that just want to hook up or just hang out with you. So as a generous giver, be willing to place a reasonable amount of money so can get the kind of date that you wish for. You are sure to be guaranteed with a first date, but does not guarantee you getting another date with the person. That depends solely on you and how well you treat your date. If you treat them well, something and nice might come out of it.

WhatsYourPrice – Members

If you are a beautiful member, your profile has to be catchy and interesting. You have to appear beautiful and smart and also you should be honest about your profile details. If generous bidders find your profile interesting, they will be able to bid for any amount you agreed to. As a woman, you are free to request for any amount of bid ranging from $100 to $ 500. The higher your price, the higher your chance of getting serious bidders. Remember that you can only get serious bidder if your profile is interesting and honest enough. You also have to come up with a profile that matches your price. Do not appear cheap. It is your responsibility to remain classy. Also as a beautiful member, if you have agreed to go on your first date, you have to well composed and collected. Your behavior and attitude will make the generous member or your date not regret paying so much for the date. Also going for more dates depends on how well you flowed with your date. This will make you stand a chance of going out with your date again and who knows, a serious relationship can come out of it.

Finally, getting a reasonable date depends on how much you are willing to pay for a date, don’t be scared about falling into fraudulent members as the site suspends any account that is found to be fraudulent. Start bidding now and start going on dates with your dream people.