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What’s the difference between ppm (pay per meet) and escorting?

The “Sugar” world and “Escort” world have merged

There is very little difference at this point, so my answer is there is no difference and yes “Sugar dating” is the same as “Escorting” because without the financial component there is no relationship/arrangement/date/appointment or whatever you would care to call the time spent together

Hi everyone,

I’m still new here and I haven’t had an arrangement yet. I’ve chatted with a lot of men and gone on dates with a few, but I haven’t clicked with anyone yet. A lot of them have told me they want a “pay per meeting/pay per date/pay for play” type of arrangement. They say this is because they want us to get to know each other better before committing to a monthly allowance, because this way there is less pressure, because they have been ripped off giving monthly allowances in the past, etc. Is this legit or are they just looking for a one night stand/looking to pay for sex? I came to SA hoping to find an ongoing relationship.

It is legit. Sadly the number of rinsers (fake SBs that take the money and run) have driven most SDs away from monthly allowances. Granted some of them might be looking for a one night stand. Just remember, stay safe and always get your meeting allowance before your clothes hit the floor.

I’m very sorry @SweetVi. I did not see your question about allowance.

There is the thought that your monthly allowance should cover the average of a 1 bedroom apt in your city. However that is bupkis. Rent has such wild variations per city as to be useless as a measuring stick. At the end of the day, find a number that makes YOU happy for a month. Don’t look around to see if you are getting more or less than others. There is a reason for this.

#1. Those that take a smaller amount don’t post about it. They are content with what they have. Meaning as a SB you will not see the true floor of allowances. This will make you believe the “average” for your area is higher than it is.

#2. Those that post/brag about large amounts either lie (to boost their self esteem or the appearance of their worth) or do receive that amount of money but wish to flaunt it. To show how high and mighty they are compared to their “lessers”. So if a “SB” is flaunting money on IG/tumblr, take that with a massive grain of salt.

Because of the above two factors, the true “average” of your area is going to be lower than it seems it should. Add in that cities/areas have different rates and again, you are going to start feeling bad because you are not getting the “big bucks” you see floating around. Even though most of those “big bucks” are false. If you are happy with a $600/month amount. Then take it. If you only will be a SB for $6k a month. Then stick to your guns. But honestly, this should be more than just $$$. If you find a SD you enjoy and he offers you less, try to decide if you would rather spend time with him (enjoying that time) or take more to spend time with someone you might not enjoy so much. No one can give you a $$$ range. Because each of us are in very different circumstances with different wants and needs for our SRs.