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What is the best backpage alternative?

A quick look at my computer’s history will show that is the new Backpage alternative. I use it. My friends use it. Its fun , effective, funny, and should be first on your list of sites to try so you can finally get laid. Things work fast on there so change your underwear, trim up those pubes and be ready for some fooling around folks.


Start from completely free classifieds -such as Free Video Advertising – GVANGA and On the first one you may even post video ads, and sell in bitcoins. The other one is more popular among spanich speaking community. is run by a bunch of open-minded people, who believe in privacy, friendliness and the right for consenting adults to do what they want with each other. We would like to point out a couple of keywords in the paragraph above: consenting adults. We will say that once more, because it is just that important: consenting adults. If you are not an adult or if we find out that you are using our site for something non-consensual, we’ll do everything we can to stop that. You can read all the legal stuff about that here, but rest assured it all boils down to the fact that in order to use this site you have to be an adult and you have to be consenting.


If it is hookups and discrete affairs you are looking for then is the best back page alternative from my experiences. If its finding ladies for hire and other illegal stuff then it is not for you. Everything on there is legit. I was actually a bit surprised at how many ladies were on there all the time, and how quick and easy it was to find some one to mess around with. I could go on and on but you just have to try it yourself and make a decision from there. All that I can truly say is it works for me.

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Backpage NL is the new Backpage website. The backpage classifed website is protected and is own and managed by a Dutch Company. Be safe and post your ad on Backpage NL