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Backpages works because service providers post their classified ad and millions of service seekers look for that ad.

Posting a classified ad on Backpages is easy as 1-2-3 and can be completed using a phone or desktop.

Post for Free for 30 days

Currently you can place FREE ads on Backpages to try out the system and see how many phone calls you get.

We ask you for a Classified Ad Title, Ad Body, Images, Ad Category, Location and Phone Number. Simple.

Choosing the Best Subscription

After your Free ads run out you will choose the package that is right for you.

  • Expires in: The number of days the ad will last. If Expires in: 3 days, the classified ad will last for 3 days and then will no longer be viewable
  • Ads: the number of ads you have in this package
  • Featured Ads: The number of Feature ads you have for this package
  • Bump-Up Ads: This allows you to take your classified ad and push it to the top of the list.

Service Seekers

You can search for a Service Provider using keywords, categories, tags, and location. You can see if the provider has ratings and or comments. 100% free to use and to search.

100% Safe from USA LAWS

We are owned and operated by a Dutch Company located in Amsterdam, Netherlands 1000’s of miles away.