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Top 5 Free Dating Sites (2018)

Top 5 Free Dating Sites (2018)

Top 5 Free Dating SitesAccording to a survey that was carried out in the United States, it was discovered that about one-third of the married couples in the country met online. Currently, there are hundreds of dating sites to choose from. This means that you will have to consider certain factors like; the number of users, the interface and user experience of the site as well as other essential factors. This article will discuss the top five free dating sites you can choose from. They include;


This is one of the top sites for lovers of concerts, music, and organists. Currently, this site has a user base of over 200,000 users. It has been described as your go-to site if you want to meet people whom you may share the love of music with. Unlike most of the other free dating sites, offers users music suggestions, thus, offering users the opportunity to meet with concert buddies.

  1. Tinder

One feature that makes this free dating site stand out is its easy to use features. This site is designed to be as simple as possible, this is why there are only a few things you can actually do on the dating site. This site focuses primarily on profile pictures, providing just a small area for text. With this free dating app, users are able to link their social media accounts.

According to a report that was provided by the developers of this site, it was discovered that there are over 50 million Tinder visitors each month and that each month about 12 million matches are made on the site. This makes the dating site the most popular in the world.

  1. OKcupid

This free dating site is one of the trial sites singles looking to begin the journey into online dating will actually give a shot. It is also the site they will definitely return to throughout their online dating journey, why? This site comes with an easy to use interface, offers users the opportunity to post insightful but not necessarily long profiles, and for better matching, the site has certain questions that users will have to answer. This ensures that that website is able to match users better.

  1. Plenty Of Fish

This has been described as one of the best ways to dive into online dating without having to spend a penny. This site has been designed with power-packed online dating features that come at no cost. This site affords users the opportunity to search for long time partners and even short-term hookups. Currently, there are over 4 million users on this site, and about 65,000 users register on this site each day.

  1. Pure

One thing that makes this free dating site stand out is its prioritization of privacy. This site is designed in such a way that the profile of users is erased every hour, and at the same time offering them the opportunity to restore it if they deem it necessary.