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How To Use WhatsYourPrice

What’sYourPrice is one dating site that gives you the liberty to date anyone of your choice as long as you are willing to pay for the date. It allows you to meet singles like you around your area. On WhatYourPrice, women are more on the receiving end than men. This dating site has made dating seem like a game where you can just go straight to the point. You can either be the bidder or you can be the one being paid to go on a date with someone. Membership and registration on this site is absolutely free.

Here are tips on how to use WhatsYourPrice :

WhatsYourPrice – Sign in

You are first to sign in before you can be recognized as a member of WhatsYourPrice. Membership is free and safe on this website.

WhatsYourPrice – Create a profile

After signing in, you must create a profile follow up information such as name, age, location, and other necessary information. You should also choose where you are a male or female. In creating your profile, you should select whether you are a bidder or you want to receive offers. This is very important. In creating your profile, you have to be completing him about it, your completely filled profile allows potential dates to know what exactly you are looking for. Therefore do not mess up your profile.

WhatsYourPrice – Look for the First Date

After completing your profile, the best thing to do is to Look for potential dates. WhatsYourPrice allows you to look for potential dates based on the things you have written down in your profile, therefore searching for dates is completely easy. When searching for your first date, you are to the seas page and click on filters. These filters slow you to select what exactly you want in your first date.  Once you have used the filter, it would be automatically saved only if you want to change it. Meaning that you can change your filters.

WhatsYourPrice – Start making offers/deals

After you are done with filtering, you can start making offers. Every member can make offers, so when you make an offer and the other members May accept or even offer a higher offer. When you both have come to a conclusion about the price, then you can go on by sending messages. Winking allows you to negotiate a price with a member of you don’t know how much you are to offer to a date with the member. If you are not ready to message is to start negotiating with a member you can favorite the member and go back later to attend to the member.

WhatsYourPrice – Types of Members

There are two types of Members, the generous members that pay only when your offer is accepted and the beautiful members that get paid to date, generous members.

This online dating site is free for both men and women. It is safe, tested and trusted. Let your money do the talking and save your self the stress. sign in to WhatsYourPrice and get a date now.