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How to post on backpage with bitcoin

How to  post on backpage with bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash Exchanges What are the Benefits of Bitcoin Cash compare to Bitcoin. Browse through all of our beautiful Bitcoin is  thoroughly unsexy. It’s notorious for requiring explanation after explanation for a layman to understand it, and it’s more a plaything for technocratic libertarians than something you hand off after a rough and rowdy night. So why are sex workers suddenly posting guides on how to use it?

Recently, VISA and MasterCard pulled out from, the second largest online hub for classified ads behind Craigslist. That left Bitcoin (and two other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin and Dogecoin), as the only way for sex workers to pay for listing their ads.
How to use Bitcoin to pay for backpage ads (for dummies)

How to use Bitcoin to pay for backpage ads (for dummies). Feel free to get inspired and copy content. from Bitcoin

Have you seen increased business due to backpage customers? How much, roughly? I personally believe this behavior by banks and processors (same how they treat pot businesses) will be their undoing and contribute to bitcoin’s first real widespread use cases. Truly, the web’s first use case was porn and those of us who were adults or coming of age in the mid to late nineties know this to be true 🙂