San Diego, California, USA,
September 11, 2018
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Address: San Diego, California, USA,
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  • great girl


    seen her many times. just have to get over the screening process to find your paradise

  • chazziamastar

    Misty Morrison is the exotic looking woman, whom you may have seen on the
    silver screen, from the 40s, 80s, and currently; she’s voluptuous, sexy, and gorgeous.

    Misty’s demeanor is sweet, affection, and pleasing, as she instantly makes
    you feel at ease.
    She dfks upon arrival and the passion in her is apparent and feels genuine.
    Her beauty draws you in, as does her wit and immense intellect.

    You must contact Misty, with Provider references on her Website and via email.
    She does not answer calls, and only texts after, your references are verified,
    and an appointment is set.

    My two hours appointment required a 50 deposit to guarantee,
    my arrival, which was then applied to our date.
    I guess, one hour doesn’t require a deposit.
    I don’t blame her. I’ve heard from other Escorts how people flake all the time.

    Her great private place is in Downtown San Diego, where there’s hustle and bussle,
    however, once in her very nice, clean place, it’s all soothing music,
    candles, and wine which I accepted a glass.
    She didn’t join me as she doesn’t drink.

    The rest of my review is tamed down quite a bit for public consumption,
    but by all means Misty Morrison is definitely 5 stars.

    The Juicy Details:
    I put the donation in her restroom, she excused herself to there,
    to I assume, collect it.
    When she came out, there was her gorgeous tits standing at
    attention peeking out of this hot getup I’ve seen only in magazines
    and at strip clubs. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her!

    Misty disrobed me, and what resulted was a fervent sex-fest of the one of the
    most exciting encounters I’ve ever experienced, besides a couple days ago.
    (Only two recently are THE best in my book)

    Misty’s mouth is so talented, I am still having dreams about it a couple days after.
    She pampers you with her touch, her essence and everything else she has
    in her incredible repertoire.

    I was at her mercy as she guided me through every position, Daty, squirting, and
    Bbbjs in between, that are toe-curling.

    She basically winded me, I was completely spent.
    Two hours, is definitely an allotted time to get in all of the
    excitement she has in store.
    But three hours would’ve been better, to continue this amazing
    massage she gave me before, we went at it again.

    I’d love to spend the evening overnight with her dining,
    laughing, and just having several intimate dates, with this
    beautiful woman, which will be imprinted on my brain forever!

    Fellas, treat her right and shell return the favor one hundred-fold.
    Misty Morrison, I’m coming next week,…Oh Yea!

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