San Diego, California, USA,
September 12, 2018
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Price: $400.00

Angelina Jones, highly-revered, respected, and an Industry favorite.

To schedule:

Text Only  After submitting your request to my Website  619-289-3537


Recent Client Review General Description:
"I'm new to Downtown San Diego and was looking for someone special to visit often.

Came across this Spanish Companion/Massage Therapist here, and the rest will be my frantic money-making effort,  to see her as often as I can afford!

Contacted Angelina on her Website as required.


She's also on TER.

Here on BestGfe:  she just recently posted a new ad:

Sweet Angelina got back to me pretty quickly, and asked a few additional pieces of info, in order to expedite our meeting, for the next evening.

She vigorously screens, and so glad I had previous references, because she won't see anyone without them.
She only communicates via email.

Angelina Jones, is an exotic, super curvy Hispanic woman straight from Spain, with these piercing green eyes.

She's highly intellectual, sexy, sophisticated, and classy, but exudes this immediate heat. 

She's Downtown in a nice, private loft with security gated entry, street parking.

She gives you a midday confirmation for your date, then a two-hour before
final confirm.   She's very cautious, discreet and comforting, since I was nervous.

She's infectious and funny, making a comment about my attire, and we got very
comfortable with each other quickly.
Somehow she was playing music that I absolutely loved!
How did she even know?  Seductress skills I'm thinking, and the candles and girlfriend never does this! 
It doesn't get any better than this!

Darn, two hours isn't really long enough, to get to know this incredible woman, but she's worth every dollar, and then some.   But I'm not rich, just young and handsome.

Run don't walk to be on her very limited client list... You snooze, you lose buddy!"

Address: San Diego, California, USA,
User Reviews (1)
  • Highly Talented Angelina Jones!


    Chazz41 –
    I have seen Angelina several times now since meeting her earlier this year.
    All that I can add to my previous review of her, is that each and every time we meet,
    she makes it even more special, exciting and amazing!

    She’s super curvy, extremely sexy, and so fun to be with;
    you lose track of time and worries when she exquisitely massages
    away all of your thoughts, and blows your mind with the rest of her talents!

    Treat Angelina right and she’ll give you 150 percent , porn-star fun.

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